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Local Marketing Case Study – Dabsco

We are often asked what’s the best way to work with a marketing agency. We believe that the agency needs to tailor its style and recommendations to the client. In addition, it needs to coach local stores on how to build best practice local marketing strategies and tactics into their business.

This blog looks at one relationship we have where we focus on delivering customer acquisition campaigns that align with the store’s media advertising. Our aim is to help you understand how to best work your own marketing agencies; either with Passionberry or others.

Be clear on how marketing supports business objectives

We’ve worked on and off with Dabsco for three years. Dabsco are a well established local store in Darwin that manufactures, supplies and installs a large range of home improvement products including glass windows and doors, security screens, window coverings, external awnings, shower screens and mirrors.

To start with each year, Kelly and Passionberry will set some specific objectives for the business and Passionberry. Kelly gives us the business objectives and we turn them into marketing objectives for us to measure the local marketing campaigns that are executed. These objectives are shared by Kelly with her team and other agencies.

Kelly supports local businesses so they have their own local website agency, who we will work with to support what they do. Dabsco have a wide range of product categories, but we only focus on two of their most profitable lines. Dabsco tend to manage their own media advertising to help keep costs down. This enables Kelly to feel more confident in what she’s doing without doubling up on costs. It allows us to focus on the work where we can add the most value.

Review marketing results and adapt campaigns

We will usually catchup every 3 months (in addition to monthly reports) and review results to make sure we’re on track. Kelly’s aim is to build up her own team resource & expertise so we help with that from time to time. There have been one-off projects which we’ve also helped with like reviewing the look of the website and some SEO work.

It’s a simple relationship from our side, but for Kelly she gets the advantage of another expert to use as a sounding board while delegating work out to her partners. This means Kelly and her team can focus on where they add the most value to the business; customer management, selling the right product solutions, delivering a great customer experience & managing cashflow.

Quote from Kelly:

“DABSCO have always found Passionberry to be accommodating to our needs, not matter how small or large the task. They’ve been a great sounding board to get feedback on our local marketing strategies. Passionberry provides monthly reports, which helps us understand where our money is being spent. Overall, a great service to help us with our local marketing.

Contact Passionberry for local marketing advice

If you’d like to learn more about how working with Passionberry can help a local business like yours, send us a message. We’d be happy to help.