Local Marketing Case Study – Chelsea Decor

Chelsea Decor is a locally run Luxaflex Gallery in the heart of Kalamunda in the Perth hills. At the heart of the community for over 4 decades, Chelsea Decor has positioned itself as a community business. It’s locally owned with a creative reputation for creating beautiful home interiors.

This blog looks at how Passionberry Marketing has supported the team at Chelsea Decor to find their own voice. Passionberry has helped Chelsea Decor to find the best ways to communicate what they want to their local audience & helped support them to build a strong client base & referral network.

Local Marketing is about finding your true voice & a message that resonates

To create a strong reputation, the focus over the past 3 years working with Gemma and Travers has been to encourage them to tell that story in a variety of ways. Gemma has personally grown their instagram account to create a small but highly engaged audience. The content has been varied, including: 

  • Showcasing the process of how she picks colours, styles and fabrics
  • Showing the installation process and why it is so important to the final result
  • Getting involved in local community events
  • Celebrating team milestones or events
  • Pre and Post photos of their work with clients.

Local-Marketing-Chelsea-Decor Local-Marketing-Chelsea-Decor Local-Marketing-Chelsea-Decor-3

Over time, this portfolio of work, engagement and responsiveness within the local community (and especially within non-city areas) has built a strong local presence. Their supportive network of current and potential clients recognise what this business can do and why you would want to see them. It’s important for the long term health of a local business is to establish itself as an expert & showcasing that expertise is part of that process. 

One truth in Local Marketing: Good things take time

To be clear, it hasn’t been easy. Not only is it a local business with a small but dedicated team but Gemma and Travers have a small young family. What Gemma and the team have done is to take photos as they do their work & try new things so they improve the photos they take. Sometimes it can seem like taking simple photos might not add a lot of value. However to the wider public, you’re giving an insight into your expertise. For those people who feel connected with the business, they want to know what you’re up to so feel free to share that as well. 

While the store has worked to create that content and messaging, Passionberry Marketing has worked with them to help them build that awareness via Facebook and in regular emails out to their target market. 

Success in Email Marketing comes from providing value for the reader

While many people have full inboxes, the key is to make what you send of value to your database on a regular basis. When you have great content from the store, you mix it with amazing imagery and stories from brands they work with (like Luxaflex). Additionally, they provide a range of interesting tips, advice and recommendations. By doing this consistently, their emails remain consistently useful & build a strong reputation to continue getting engagement over time. 

Managing two websites can be challenging but the team at Chelsea Decor handle their own website changes while using Passionberry to maximise their Luxaflex website using Passionberry’s digital and SEO knowledge from across the network of stores. The focus is to drive Luxaflex traffic to the Luxaflex website & Curtains traffic to their own website. 

Overall, the team at Chelsea Decor have developed their own personality and found a way to communicate that on a consistent basis. This has helped create more word of mouth leads and a more positive view of the business with the wider local community. 

Quote from Gemma:

“We’ve worked with Passionberry to grow our social media following and to engage with our existing database. Having a business that is over 40 years old means we have a huge amount of contacts and being in a small, village like community we find that we have a lot of clients who ‘drop in’ just to chat and find out what we’ve been up to. Geoff and the team helped us put together our database and they now produce fabulous newsletters that we email out once a month. We work closely with Justine and Odile to make sure the content is personal and relevant to our store. Our clients LOVE it! We get feedback every month and have had a few evenings and parties in the showroom (invitations being general ones sent through our newsletter) and we are always blown away by the turn out!”

Contact Passionberry for local marketing advice

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