Every new startup and local business that we have worked with has come to us looking for a fool-proof, guaranteed-success formula on Facebook for their business.

However, there isn’t one. There are many!

We have put together a summary of some of the most simple yet engaging Facebook accounts that stores within the Luxaflex Network have built. In this article you will not just see examples of standout work but also get a little glimpse of the rationale behind the success of this work.

Find inspiration, find tips, and most importantly find what works for your brand!

Barnes Interiors

Photography Photography Photography!

Barnes is the perfect example of how good images can make any topic (even window furnishings) exciting!

These ‘Instagram worthy’ shots range from a variety of well executed home interiors to informative product features, with a few occasional snaps of the beautiful surrounding ocean vistas – thrown in for added interest and building community rapport.

Barnes Interiors Facebook page is brimming with pictures that scream aspiration, automatically associating the Barnes brand with sophistication and class.


A product is never boring, only its marketing is.

For any brand looking to highlight products that are traditionally more focused on utility rather than passion, Barnes Interior’s is a great example of social media marketing done right.

Their images and posts help readers envision a lifestyle and context rather than focusing on the dry functional details of the product. They use their Luxaflex products as a support for the ultimate goal of inspiring customers rather than simply selling a product.

Chelsea Decor

This store’s Facebook page is all about the heart. From images and posts about their family to their personal home renovation projects, Chelsea Decor draws you into their lives from the get-go.

This page gives the reader a sense of being a part of their family by including them in the everyday antics of their kids, pets, and sometimes the owners themselves, showcasing local marketing at its best. Combined with some stunning, stylised images of interiors that show off the team’s abilities as designers the page leaves no stone unturned.


To build local appeal, know your locals.

For any brand looking to build a strong local image and create a niche for themselves in the community using social media, Chelsea Decor is a great example of doing this the right way.

Chelsea Decor’s posts cater to all kinds of audience sets in their local community in Kalamunda – from families looking for relatability, to interior designers looking for inspiration. Their content shows a fine understanding of what interests their community and what values they embrace. Unlike their competitors, they don’t sell aspiration on Facebook, they sell relatability.

If you want to appeal to the local community, you simply have to speak about what the community wants to hear, the local way.

Capricorn Screens, Awnings & Blinds

The starting point of any social media strategy is deciding on the tone of voice and the personality of your brand that you want to convey in your messaging. This helps keep your marketing communications consistent and galvanise a strong connection with your audience.

Capricorn Screens and Awnings have excelled at this with an approachable, local and family oriented brand. Their Facebook page helps achieve this by being all about the people behind the business – the owners and employees – and not just the products.

You may not know what type of blinds you want, but you definitely know who Jess and Ashley are. You trust people you know.


Consistent brand voice = consistent brand love.

Capricorn’s Facebook account is definitely a great learning for anyone looking to give their brand a personable touch and the feeling of being a ‘family brand’. By drawing users into their everyday work and life at the store, Capricorn not only makes the user feel like they are part of the brand’s journey, but also helps users develop a consistent emotion towards the brand. This always-on, friendly, familiar brand, unlike many others in the market, has managed to use its tone of voice as a powerful marketing tool.

By putting a face to their key messages, they are no longer a page on Facebook simply delivering a sales call out. Instead, they are a family brand whose customers keep coming back out of love and loyalty!

A Style of Shade

Often brands assume that the only way to a user’s heart (and top of mind recall) is by being witty or personable on social media. A Style of Shade’s Facebook page busts that myth showing you that it is possible to be successful on social media by simply understanding your customer’s needs and delivering them.

After all, you can never go wrong with vanilla ice cream!

This page has understood its information seeking, trend following audience very well and delivers exactly that. Filled with strong evidence of their expertise through numerous case studies and well curated content of the latest trends and changes in the industry, this page is a beacon of information.

For the knowledge seeking customer, it is a little slice of heaven!


Be what your audience wants you to be.

Customer research and knowledge is the foundation for any good marketing plan, especially on social media where edits are fewer and changes are faster. For a brand that wants to be smart, talk smart, and be seen as smart this page is a great one to gain a few insights from.

The best way to establish yourself as an industry expert is to show it, which is exactly what A Style of Shade manages to do with their detailed case studies. These solutions to tricky project parameters instantly associate A Style of Shade with experience and authority. By showcasing their ability to create solutions that result in happy customers, they are providing social proof that subtly suggests to readers that they too can find similar happiness and satisfaction.

If knowledge and information is what your customer wants, then that is exactly what you should be giving them.

A’besco Pty Ltd.

This store’s social media pages makes you a part of their ‘A’besco journey’.

From images of games the team watches together, to their favourite choice at team lunches, and friendly banter during work A’besco’s posts are a fine blend of their expertise and the humans behind it. It’s strong focus on the team built on the emotion of togetherness certainly warms the heart!

This page gains attention because it highlights the team’s interests and activities, making them far more relatable to customers than just talking about their products would be. It gives the team a recognisable face and personality and it gives customers a reason to interact with the store – shared interests. Users are able to build a relationship with A’besco and the team and in turn stimulate top of mind recall at the point of purchase.


Be where your customers are.

If your target market is interested in local events, be at local events. If your target market likes burgers with sweet potato fries, order them and talk about it.

To build relatability it is important to know where your customer is hanging out, what they are eating, what they are sharing, what memes they are consuming, and most importantly what makes them engage.

A’besco do this well and keep their users informed about their product range, successful work and latest updates. They balance this by staying relevant and on-trend by doing things that their customer base finds interesting too, giving them more than one reason to engage!

Katandra Interiors

Often brands try very hard to find the right face and celebrity for their brand and in the process forget to use the most important asset that they already own – their internal team! This store’s social media page carries a series of well crafted, expert videos featuring the owner of the store and the products available in the store at Busselton.

By capitalising on their own experience-led expertise, Katandra Interiors message is very clear – choosing our team is the most intelligent decision you can make. For customers looking for a team that they can blindly trust, Katandra’s posts deliver exactly that.


Put a face on it (preferably your own).

For small and local businesses, trust is built on familiarity. Katandra Interiors gets this right by creating expert content in-house that gives users the assurance that they are in good hands. Rather than relying solely on ‘unrecognisable’ models to sell their products, Katandra uses something even better – their own team! They are not only selling their products, they are also selling trust through their expertise.

For businesses looking to gain customer trust, consider using the recognisable, familiar faces of your own team.

Choices Flooring & Luxaflex Window Fashion Gallery

This store has definitely nailed their Fri-yay content!

Brands are often afraid to talk about anything that is unrelated to their product or business on social. Given the large volume of content on social, it is understandable that brands are afraid of losing user attention or distracting the user from their core business or product. However, to build brand personality brands need to be brave enough to experiment with varied content.

Choice Kalgoorlie finishes their week with a humorous or inspirational content piece that is completely unrelated to their product. Designed to stimulate engagement and showcase the personality of the store and its team, Choices manages to avoid distracting customers from this core product posts by establishing a routine. Through the week their content is business and product focused, and every friday the dancing shoes come on!


Diversify content to build a personality.

For brands that are looking to build a unique personality on social Kalgoorlie’s content pattern is a great example of ‘mixing it up’ but still staying close to the brand’s core business.  

Creating a routine on social gradually creates expectations in the consumer’s mind and delivering on these expectations paves the road to customer loyalty. Consumers grow to expect your brand to be funny on Fridays, or inspirational on Mondays, or talk about your dog on Wednesdays, and suddenly you’re one step closer to building a unique personality on social!

Mackay Curtain Making Service

Led by their theme to #ShopLocal, Mackay’s social media pages are filled with local flavour and emotions. Their posts have a sense of homeliness to them, and highlight locally sourced products that are available in-store. Mixed with a healthy blend of posts showcasing the team members and product installations, Mackay’s captions and tone of voice speaks to the local community and is matched with high engagement. There is a sense of familiarity established with users which is conveyed through the language of the captions and style of images.


Focus on the ‘social’ in social media. Talk TO the customer.

For a brand that is looking to build loyalty among their consumer base in the local community, Mackay is a perfect example of a brand that talks to the customer. The familiar tone, the informal and casual reply to comments that carry the personality of the store owners and the underlying ‘shop local’ theme has helped Mackay grow into a strongly engaging brand on social.

For brands looking to harness their local community as consumers, it is important to build conversation rather than simply stating information – after all social media carries the word ‘social’ for a reason!


Sometimes it takes more than a perfectly crafted strategy backed by all the right metrics and predictions to be successful, and that was exactly what this article sought to show you. When you find what works and it is in-line with the local brand you’re trying to create, success will eventually come.

If you would like a hand on how best to leverage social media channels like Facebook or develop strong marketing campaigns to generate business, reach out to our team of experts at Passionberry Marketing!

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