It is no surprise that people are uploading billions of photos to the internet daily, particularly social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. Photography and Videography are languages of social media, and the smartphone is the tool. In order to utilise your technology, you still need to know a few basics tips to elevate your mobile photography game.


Clean the lens

The Smartphone is an item that you carry around daily, the glass in front of the lens could be covered with oil and dust, which create a blurred image when taking photos. Therefore, it’s important to clean it properly in prior to photoshoot. 



Set picture quality and resolution

You don’t always have to set the highest resolution for your images and videos, especially when you are shooting for the web and posting on different social media. However, you might sometimes want to print out your images taken, and you won’t be able to do this if the picture only has a low-resolution. Therefore, set the picture quality and resolution in the smartphone camera setting depends on your needs.



Work with the lights

Lighting is an important element in photography. A general rule to follow is to ensure the source of light is not opposite to the lens. You can also try to shoot an object from various angles as the light hitting the different side of an object may produce a very different result.



Use Flash Judiciously

Flash is the small LED light which is very close to the lens. It is likely to result in blurry photos and strangely lit subjects when using. Therefore, stick to environmental/natural light whenever possible and avoid using flash. 



Change the focus

Whether you use an iPhone or Android device, you can always tap the screen anywhere to change the focus of the shot. So that the subject that you tap on will be made more clear in the photo or video.



Avoid Zooming in

It’s very common for us to zoom in when shooting from a distance. However, this is going to decrease the quality and resolution of the end product. It is better to not zoom in and crop the photo or edit the video later on using different editing tools.



Adopting the Rule of Thirds

The rule of third helps you in creating interesting composition for photos. This rule guide you on how to arrange the subject and object within your frame. The rule stated that photographs can be broken into 9 grids, 3 horizontal rows and 3 vertical columns. The four intersection points are where the main subject of the image should be placed, which can more easily grab audiences’ attention.



Consider Symmetry

Symmetry is all around us which splits the composition into half. This rule can improve the photos taken from smartphones as Symmetrical photos stand out as they are more appealing and attractive to eyes.



Stabilise your shot

Pressing the shutter button is a significant action within the shooting process. Tap the software shutter button appear on the screen or the physical button on the side of your smartphone (e.g. volume buttons on iPhones). Keep the phone in steady to allow picture to be recorded. The photo will get blurred if you move the phone immediately after pressing the shutter button.



Edit your shot

To enhance your photo taken, you can experiment with various apps and tools which help to add additional layer to the creative process conveniently.  With thousands of applications to choose from, Snapseed, VSCO and Adobe Lightroom are a few of the most popular photo editing apps which are also free. For video editing, iMovie can be used on iPhones and Adobe Premier Rush can be used on Android, to perform simple video editing. 


Creativity is the key, don’t be afraid to experiment with your photography. Using the aforementioned tips to improve your photos will develop your creative eye and help you to produce unique art through the lens of your technology.