v2food is creating a version 2 of meat. Because we don't have a version 2 of Earth.

The mission is critical and needed the support to scale quickly to engage Australians and the rest of the world. v2 needed marketers with the experience to scale fast and engage consumers.

Here’s how Passionberry helped make it happen.

Our Roles

  • Build and develop the digital platforms and outreach campaigns for the v2 brand
  • Google & Bing Advertising
  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Management


v2food was a new company, entering a completely new segment, and in a niche that could be quite polarising.

It would be important to set up a clear position for the brand, driving a high level of trial with key audiences who would be willing to advocate for the cause, the product, and the brand.


Plant Based Meat and its focus on driving a major solution to climate change can be a little polarising for Australians. “Meat Substitute” products were already well known for having a poor taste perception so that needed to be overcome in a compelling way.

Food will always be about taste. Bringing the taste experience to life in a way that challenges consumers' thinking would be important to getting trial. In addition, harnessing the passion of those already interested and/or eating plant-based food would be important to provide credibility and social proof to drive further trial.


If you build it, they will come

The challenge was clear. We know that the products taste like meat, but how do we make sure that consumers believe it?

Our initial work was to work with the internal team to build the initial launch messaging to consumers and then we were responsible for executing that over social media and digital advertising. Working with the v2food team, we developed the recommended marketing executions across all touchpoints available.

The content strategy that we helped develop and execute focused on connecting, educating, inspiring and then getting people to act. Storytelling was a key part - focusing initially on the startup journey, the challenges with food sustainability and sharing our successes as we grew. We then added a focus on educating audiences about the product, its taste, it's ingredients and how many different meals it can be used in.

Passionberry & the internal team worked with a range of free and paid partners to try the product and act as advocates for what the brand stands for and the quality of the product. This strategy was executed across a wide variety of social media channels and digital websites and forums. As we entered more sales channels, we were able to drive more specific sales results but then also encourage people to join our communities (one for consumer and one for foodservice) where they were engaged on a direct basis and will eventually have regular special offers and benefits from being part of our digital v2 community.

Paid Digital Advertising was a core focus for our campaigns. We developed a wide variety of Google campaigns (Search, Display, Remarketing, Discovery, Shopping, Youtube) targeting various audiences utilising 3 key messages. We used Facebook and Instagram advertising to reach people 1 degree of separation from our followers who met our target audience specifications. This helped to grow our audiences and deliver key action messages (Now at Woolworths, Join our Community) to enable us to continue conversations without paying more ad dollars. Finally, we used Linkedin advertising to target both key B2B clients, Media targets as well as Investor networks.

On social media, we focused on answering every relevant question and developed a database of 100+ FAQ's which we added to the website and will slowly seed into our social posts. We have worked across Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and partnered with a variety of websites, social media groups and online forums. This was managed and executed 50/50 between Passionberry (project lead) and the client marketing team.

As a specific campaign, we worked with the Sales team to target and grow awareness for the v2food brand and products with the HoReCa channel (Hospitality, Restaurants, Catering). We built a verified list of all restaurants across Australia which we have used for direct reachout, sample offers and targeted advertising. We worked with the internal teams who developed marketing collateral to send to targeted customers and the foodservice community members.

Finally, we used testimonials from our Foodservice customers to answer initial concerns and also create a sense that restaurants were "missing out on sales'' by not considering plant based food options (from v2) in their menu. These initiatives created many sales interactions for the team with both large and small operators and met the client's targets.


Over 3 years Passionberry helped build several key functions that have enabled v2food to grow their sales and their internal team who can now take over that work full-time.

Their brand awareness in Australia is ahead of the major global brands and the brand is more recognisable across retail and foodservice channels.


Most of the results are confidential, but we are able to share the following results:

Traffic to website jumped by 3x over 5 months

Business Leads grew 7x and conversions met business targets


Community signups grew to over 10,000


v2 became Australia's #1 Plant Based Meat Company in just 6 months

We’ve been able to scale the advertising spend significantly to drive further results at scale.


Geoff and the team at Passionberry have been a key part of our early success. With an experienced team, they've provided great recommendations and results that have driven our overall digital strategy as well as helping with various parts of our marketing execution.

Any early startup needs experienced resources to grow. Passionberry found extra team members as well as specialists to help provide the flexibility of extra resourcing to complete work that has enabled us to grow quickly.

We’ve expanded our services with them and they have consistently delivered to deadlines and objectives. Additionally they have been proactive with picking up tasks that needed to be completed.

We’re happy to have found them and will continue to work with them as we scale our marketing and operations across Australia and internationally.

I would recommend Geoff and the Passionberry team to any organisation who are looking to grow, achieve great results and are looking for both a good strategy and the experience on how to execute it with both internal people and external experts.


Andrew May

Chief Growth Officer