Rundle Blinds and Curtains is a strong local business in Adelaide that helps create beautiful homes through selling and installing high quality blinds, awnings, shades, shutters and home motorisation.

Our Roles

  • Marketing Agency
  • CMO for Hire
  • Digital Advertising
  • Content Strategy


The Adelaide market is full of Blinds, Awnings and Curtains businesses, with 18 different branded businesses operating.

So the challenge is not just to stand out, but to build a reputation for high quality work and continue to deliver on that promise day after day, month after month, year after year. This requires a complete team effort to make it happen and building the right sales, marketing and operations culture and processes to make it a normal part of the business.

Passionberry needed to make sure the marketing campaigns delivered on that brand promise while also constantly providing positive ROI results for a self-funded business.


The business itself had a lot of love and support. They retain a significant percentage of clients over two decades with product lines & projects that should last 5-20 years.

When speaking to customers, while they loved the business and the owners, they struggled to find ways to strongly advocate for others to use their service. While a lot of word of mouth was driven for the business, much of this was on a one-to-one basis.


Building a brand that sets the tone…

When we first started with Ian and Sam, we had to showcase what we knew, work within their budget and slowly build campaigns and marketing work that could pay for itself.

In the early days we focused on a mix of paid digital advertising, building testimonials and case studies of their work, advising on internal process improvements and providing consistent marketing advice.

One of the challenges was that the business ran two brands with a long history, Rundle Blinds and Curtains as well as Burnside Blinds and Curtains. Both had a similar brand position but consumers recognised them for different reasons and values. Over time we were able to clearly show the difference between the two brands using both qualitative feedback and the different digital ad performance.

After four years working together and much discussion, we were given the go ahead to do a complete brand refresh and bring both businesses together under the Rundle brand. The business was growing and needed a brand, position and culture to match where they were heading. You can read more about the branding project, but we took a big budget, corporate style approach to the development and it certainly paid dividends.

Over the years we’ve worked on a small but consistent budget of SEO improvements and helping to expand their digital footprint. While we were able to create some good SEO wins, this work took 12-24 months to start developing leads but has been a great way to deliver good quality leads for free on a consistent basis.

We’ve worked on formalising some of the partner networks that exist to make sure that Rundle continues to work with some of the best businesses that also help create beautiful homes. This network continues to support each other as well as help create case study videos and content together to showcase everyone’s excellent work.

Our expanding set of case study videos are now part of the paid ad campaigns, email conversion process for leads and play regularly in the main showroom area.

In 2022 we entered Rundle into a couple of small business awards to reflect their general excellence of quality and service over the past year and decade. Having worked with a number of local businesses, we know that they are now operating at a high level. One of these awards actually culminated in winning the main award of “Australian Small Business of the Decade”.


Now firmly established as one of the leading Blinds, Awnings and Curtains companies in Adelaide.

Winner of “Australian Small Business of the Decade” award in 2022.



150% growth in sales over 7 years


3x growth in Leads


5x Luxaflex Gallery of the Year


We have been working with Geoff and his crew from Passionberry for the past 8 years and continue to have a great working relationship.

I have seen his operations & client offers grow considerably during this time. Geoff strives to keep his work fresh & relevant. He listens & the team works really hard to meet our needs.

As a seasonal business with high demand months, he understands our need to cater to the ebbs and flows. There are times when we need to taper and other times when capturing new clients is imperative. His creative team are always willing to help and continue to engage the type of audience we want.

They take a holistic approach to marketing, using contemporary ideas and creative that works. Contact the team Passionberry, he will join you as a team member and you will not be disappointed.