Luxaflex is Australia’s #1 brand for Blinds, Awnings, Shades and Shutters.

As a premium product for high quality homes, it focuses on high value communications and a licensee network to deliver and install the Luxaflex brand all across Australia.

While Luxaflex manage all of their brand and national campaigns, Passionberry works with locally owned stores to provide tailored content plus local and digital marketing support to help store’s shine in their local communities.

Our Roles

Passionberry Marketing delivers ongoing marketing services to our primary store network. These retail stores vary based on the store size, location and individual marketing services required.

  • Paid Digital Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Advice and Support


Passionberry Marketing needed to find effective ways to take the national Luxaflex marketing plan and initiatives and applying these to each stores local area. This includes the type of marketing service, scale of the service and budget for each store.

Passionberry managed this through developing a service model that allowed flexibility to adapt and adjust to meet these individual needs, while still remaining focused on excellent service, delivering quality work, value for money, and a strong return on investment. The ability to be nimble to change to meet the diverse range of requirements is a key challenge they had to overcome to secure the business, and keep it.


While the strength of a brand can impact your overall presence, every brand has strengths and weaknesses in different locations. Understanding this meant finding the right mix of using a national brand and the power of the local store’s reputation to help build a strong local presence and perception.

While people search digitally and word of mouth remains powerful to being selected as one of the store’s a potential consumer visits, its important to understand the power of the instore experience, collateral given and how the customer is treated to getting the initial sale. But the overall strength of a store’s performance is how they manage creating a solution that solves the client’s problem, the products they use to deliver that solution and then how the install and after sales service completes that transaction. The success of this last stage drives both repeat business and word of mouth referral which is crucial with local businesses.


Build marketing channels so they know you before they need you. Leverage the power of national brands and your own local expertise

Passionberry helps local stores build strong marketing processes so that new leads are always coming into the business via both paid and organic channels.

This can be through paid ads promoting a sale, strong signage and a great instore experience, effective photos and videos showcasing a store’s previous work or driving happy clients to provide positive testimonials.

Local stores need to leverage both the strong national brands they sell as we as promoting their own unique brand and expertise to create a real point of difference for potential customers.


Passionberry focuses on creating long term partnerships. Many of the stores we work with have been with us since 2013. We have worked with Luxaflex as their business has evolved and continued to be a trusted partner to support their businesses growth across Australia.


For 2022, we had the following successes working with local stores.

Consistent ROI

In 3 major metro markets, we have managed to keep the ROI consistent for Google paid ad campaigns, despite up to 35% more competition in each of those areas


Email Marketing open rates are still 10% higher than the industry average for home products


5 clients have been named #1 store at the Luxaflex National Awards


One of the stores won Australian ‘Business of the Decade’ at the Australian Small Business Awards

Stores have started doing their own email and social media work. While this decreases our revenue, it has shown they recognise the importance of the work and the opportunity to do this themselves.


The team at Passionberry Marketing were able to take direction of the master brand plans and implement these while remaining aligned to the overarching strategy which for our business was a critical element. They became an extension of the inhouse marketing team and were able to deliver strong results within the guidelines established for the brand.

The quality of work and service delivered to the dealer produced strong results, with digital advertising, email marketing, social media and marketing strategy coaching for the store managers they key areas of services provided.The partnership has been in place for over 7 years and Passionberry have continually evolved the services they offer to stores. They provide a competitive advantage for our stores by executing best practice marketing work of local stores across all of our Australian network.

Having developed a long standing relationship between our businesses and our store network, the Passionberry team are part of the Hunter Douglas family and we would recommend them to be considered for any company looking for a dynamic team that works hard to deliver strong outcomes for their clients.

Hunter Douglas

Jenny Brown

Former National Marketing Manager

Hunter Douglas