v2food is creating a version 2 of meat. Because we don't have a version 2 of Earth.

The mission is critical and needed the support to scale quickly to engage Australians and the rest of the world. V2 needed marketers with the experience to scale fast and engage consumers.

Here’s how Passionberry helped make it happen.

Our Roles

  • Internal Marketing Resource
  • CMO for Hire
  • Digital Marketing Strategy


The v2 team had an excellent Head of Marketing but was supported by just 3 recent graduates. Given Geoff's experience with the food industry, building marketing teams and executing quickly, Passionberry was asked to help build out the marketing function for this fast growing startup.

While we provided leadership and direction to the junior staff over the following months, our core focus was on developing the following:

  • A clear Digital Strategy for both B2C and B2B target audiences
  • A sales execution strategy for Foodservice channel
  • Supporting the development of our Social Media Content Strategy
  • Supporting the website redevelopment and SEO strategy


By using Geoff as our part-time CMO for Hire, the Head of Marketing not only had a sounding board to work with, he was able to share key projects to ensure they got the time and resources they needed.

From a training perspective, the junior marketers had a senior marketing resource to work with which had developed their skills quickly. In addition, by having that leadership they were able to develop processes that worked to help the team learn and become more efficient with their work over time. This ultimately lead to a stronger group of marketers who have graduated into key business roles but also the business could then bring in more senior marketing resource as sales grew.


When we work with clients like v2food, we make it clear what their senior marketer (in this case the Chief Growth Officer) will focus on and what we then execute on their behalf.

The simplest way to do this is that the CGO picked their top 3 projects to handle and then handed us the other 3 projects to manage. This would evolve over time as projects were completed, everyday challenges happened and their business grew over time.

Our focus (as a pseudo 2IC) was to help build out the customer support channels, the digital marketing channels and help build the strategy that would enable the Foodservice Sales team to scale and grow as we talked to hundreds of potential customers every month.

Over time, this expanded out to include the content strategy, building and executing the communities we were building with our target audiences and developing our paid and unpaid digital targeting systems.

Eventually, as the internal marketing team grew it enabled us to take more of a step back and support the senior marketers while also continuing to mentor and coach the younger marketers in the team. As v2food went global, we planned and executed a key market launch and helped deliver digital solutions to the international team. We enabled their growth without adding to their head count.

Finally, given the very close working relationship between v2, the design agency and the internal teams, Passionberry provided staff to work at the client office (and remotely) to help manage the overflow of marketing comms work that happens with startups scaling rapidly.


Passionberry was able to decrease the load on the only senior Marketer by handling key business projects that needed to happen but weren’t at the very top of a long list.

This helped to drive v2food to #1 plant-based meat company in Australia and expand to 16 countries and counting. It also lead to the marketing team growing


Most of the results are confidential, but we are able to share the following:


Helped build team from 4 people to 9 people


Traffic to website jumped by 3x over 5 months


Business Leads grew 7x & conversions met business target

over 10,000

Over 10,000 community signups


v2 became Australia's #1 Plant Based Meat Company in just 6 months


Geoff and the team at Passionberry have been a key part of our early success. With an experienced team, they've provided great recommendations and results that have driven our overall digital strategy as well as helping with various parts of our marketing execution.

Any early startup needs experienced resources to grow. Passionberry found extra team members as well as specialists to help provide the flexibility of extra resourcing to complete work that has enabled us to grow quickly.

We’ve expanded our services with them and they have consistently delivered to deadlines and objectives. Additionally they have been proactive with picking up tasks that needed to be completed.

We’re happy to have found them and will continue to work with them as we scale our marketing and operations across Australia and internationally.

I would recommend Geoff and the Passionberry team to any organisation who are looking to grow, achieve great results and are looking for both a good strategy and the experience on how to execute it with both internal people and external experts.


Andrew May

Chief Growth Officer