Like Family helps Australians who are elderly, ill, injured or living with a disability to access social support in their local area.

Naturally, its a passionate group or staff, carers and clients all looking to help. But with change in the executive and no marketing lead for 9 months, they needed us to come in and provide marketing leadership.

Our Roles

  • CMO for Hire
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Executive leadership
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Campaign Delivery


The Like Family founders had struggled to find the right Head of Marketing for their business for many months. They wanted an expert to come in and help them deliver a stronger acquisition and retention strategy and ensure there was alignment to help drive consistency across the business.


Marketplace businesses are difficult, but when you’ve got two passionate sides (Social Carers and Members) both looking to help each other, the most important part of what you do is speeding up and improving the selection and meeting process - assuming of course you create effective signup processes for both carers and members.

One of the main things that can hold back a business from growing fast is having a clear alignment across the different functions, especially when you need everyone to deliver the right customer experience.


A clear plan, consistently stated, moves everyone in the same direction.

When first coming into the business, we focused the first week on meeting all the key stakeholders across marketing, key departments and the executive.

Once we’d met with the marketing team and seen the current results and processes, our CMO for Hire worked with the current team to identify immediate ways to improve performance. This focused on building a regular content strategy across email, social media & internally, reviewing the tracking across the entire website, optimising the paid digital ad campaigns.

One of the main things that can hold back a business from growing fast is having a clear alignment across the different functions, especially when you need everyone to deliver on the customer experience to drive retention, acquisition and growth that scales.

A cross-functional project team was formed (chaired by the CMO) with key members of each function reviewing the current team roadmaps and building an overall roadmap aligned with the key business metrics.

The team has dived deep into the data to try and identify key roadblocks across every part of the business but also to identify how much different parts of the business impacted other functions and what that meant in terms of numbers, issues and metric performance. It was incredibly enlightening to many of the team but also allowed them to put numbers to hunches or theories they had and be able to then prioritise work accordingly.

The project team delivered its recommendations to the leadership team for what the business should focus on over the next month and current quarter regularly. This then became the agreed action plan and was reviewed monthly.

The CMO for Hire became the executive team member on the project team and worked with the executive stakeholders to ensure key projects across the business were being delivered in the right way while also identifying upcoming projects needed to be scheduled for the coming year and resourced appropriately.

From a marketing function perspective, we focused on trying to improve the delivery of key parts of the customer journey that may have been holding back growth. This included:

  • Reviewing current onboarding and conversion email comms and building new steps to speed up signups and getting members and carers to key customer journey ‘success points’ faster.
  • Reviewing Home Page messaging and Landing Page content
  • Building a content strategy and plan that aligned
  • Supporting sales campaigns with marketing initiatives to help further improve success rates that had been trending upwards.
  • Testing new ways to find, test and train social carers to allow for more scalability and better matching of carers with members.
  • Aligning paid performance campaigns with the types of members who convert faster and more easily get to finding the carer they want.
  • Along with a wide variety of small and big things that helped the functions get small and large improvements.
  • In conjunction with the other functions working on their action plans, the business metrics started improving in key areas. This had an impact on the team environment as they could see the changes having a positive impact. This was important as the wider business had been constantly dealing with a challenging pandemic environment.

In the end, Passionberry had help build some of the key processes and analysis that had been missing out of the marketing team due to a lack of senior experience. We also helped bring a wider business focus to how marketing can impact each person’s job, and how our team’s can impact what marketing does to drive the business.


This work enabled significant growth and led the business to beat investor expectations for the next 3 quarters. While doing this we helped with the hiring and onboarding of the new permanent Head of Marketing.



Highest KPI Metric results for 6 quarters


Beat Board key deliverables for next 4 quarters


45% improvement in Paid performance metrics


Geoff was a godsend. We'd been without a marketing leader in our business for 9 months and he stepped in at short notice and organised not just the marketing team but the entire business to achieve our key objectives. He also brought Passionberry experts in social media and data analytics to help complement the existing team.

Within 2 months the business saw a significant improvement in our key metrics leading to some of our best ever results and made sure this continued over the next few months while we found our long term CMO.

I would highly recommend Geoff and Passionberry to any startup needing a marketing leader to help scale their business.

Like Family

Mat Bertrand

Co-Founder & COO

Like Family