Cybersecurity can cost the University of Sydney millions of dollars in systems, software, lost output as well as incredibly sensitive data at risk.

Here’s how we helped the University drive awareness and truly bring the issues to life for their community.

Our Roles

  • Graphic Design
  • Communication Strategy
  • Digital Media Display
  • Augmented Reality
  • Digital and Email Campaigns


The challenge with improving any organisation's cybersecurity is that it is usually someone else’s problem, it won’t happen to me, and the cost of fixing those issues is on the organisation, not those who cause the issue.

How can the University of Sydney highlight the impact of Cybersecurity in a way that both drives awareness but also educates the wider University community of students, staff and faculty.


Changing people’s behaviour requires a multi-layered approach. The Uni of Sydney developed awareness driving campaigns based on usual situations that could cause cyber security issues along with stats to show it's not a small problem.

Some of the biggest changes came by running ‘dummy' security issue tests that showed students, staff and faculty alike how easy it was to put themselves and others at risk.


Are you really that cyber safe? Didn’t think so…

Creative Design and Messaging

The brief issued to Passionberry stipulated five (5) digital assets were to be produced over a six (6) month campaign comprising high resolution graphics (text and imagery). Passionberry delivered 3 different designers to provide different art styles and concepts to ensure the client got the right creative and designer that they wanted. The creative highlighted 5 different cybersecurity issues in a design style that resonated with the younger members of the community.

Digital Media Channels

We took our digital creative and placed them across as many of the digital assets across the campus as we could. It was a can’t miss campaign.

After the first campaigns, we started to expand the reach by using departmental communication channels to amplify the messages. One example was Passionberry running a dummy cybersecurity email test at faculty staff with links clicked highlighting that their content had been stolen (but with clear messaging for them to know that this was part of the overall campaign).

This drove increased talkability across key departments and highlighted exactly how much of an issue cybersecurity could be for the user. Making the campaign personal worked.


Feedback from the client was that this was one of the most successful ‘Learning Center’ campaigns in recent memory.

The IT noted a significant triple digit increase in security conversations with departments and increased implementation of their recommendations.


Unavailable for this campaign due to NDA.


The Team at Passionberry were impeccable, provided insights into key marketing campaign principles – offering suggestions to improve the delivery mechanism. The team offer a professional service delivery, kept to schedule and offered market rates for all work delivered and a clear outline of additional costs if those services were required.

I’d strongly recommend Passionberry for any creative campaign work for government organisations like ours.

University of Sydney

Jacqueline Beston

Change Practive Lead

University of Sydney